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Size 3 Nappies - Which is better?

Aldi, Lidl and Pampers - comparing them all
L-R: Aldi size 3, Pampers size 3, Lidl size 3

Since we've been parents we've delved into trying some different brands of nappy, after having a varied range of experience with them, I thought I'd share my thoughts with you on the ones we've tried.  Note - we did also use Waitrose size 1 and 2 nappies, we found these to be on par with Aldi both in quality and price, just FYI.

comparing nappies

For a long time we've been ravers of Aldi nappies - for size 2 they were great on price and we almost never had accidents.  But, the time came when Squidge didn't fit into size 2 anymore and we needed to progress to size 5.  He's now nearly 15lbs, so sitting perfectly in the range for size 3. 

Aldi size 3 mamia nappies - £4.39 for 56 (7.8 p per nappy)
My original favourites, as much for the design as for the padding.  They're thick, and quite bulky nappies, but were pretty good at keeping the little man dry, as in, no leaks.  The size 3 nappies are the first of the Mamia range to be so colourfully decorated, with cute animals all over them - the previous sizes just had them on the strip across the tummy.  Unfortunately with these size 3 nappies, we did start having quite a few incidences of leaks - not poop, but wee, so we were having to change his clothes, on average, 3 times a day.  Needless to say, we were looking for new ones to try.

Lidl Toujours nappies - £4.59 for 56 (8p per nappy)
When we did a shop recently at Lidl for the first time I saw these and how they compared to Aldi so thought we'd give them a go.  But, after using up less than half the pack, I decided to stop using them. We had quite a few leaks with them, resulting in several changes of clothes, each day, creating more washing.  I also found that these were really rough compared to others, especially around the ruffles that go around their legs.

Pampers ActivFit nappies - £10.50 for 60 (18.5 p per nappy) - these are currently on offer in Tesco's for £15 for 2 packs, making them 12.5p per nappy
I think Pampers nappies are a household name, and if you're having trouble with cheaper nappies, they might well be ones you try, to see how they compare.  The first thing I noticed was how soft these were compared to the other two.  Even when full of wee, it was still really soft on his skin. Also, the ruffles that grip around the leg were really soft and didn't leave red marks, unlike the Aldi and Lidl varieties.  We've been using these for a couple of weeks now and so far, we haven't had so much as one leak :)  The band with the sticky tabs on that do up the nappy are better too, they're much more stretchy than Aldi or Lidl nappies, so easier to fit.

Given that Squidge has exczema at the moment on different parts of his body, his skin is pretty sensitive, so having soft nappies makes me feel better that we're doing the right thing for his skin. Yes the Pampers don't really compare in price to Aldi or Lidl, but personally for the softness, and for the fact that we haven't had one leak yet with these, they're worth it - but my tip is to make sure that you always buy them when they're on offer :)


  1. Fascinating post - I had exactly the same issue with the Aldi nappies leaking. I've always been a firm believer in Pampers but as I had heard so many good things about the Aldi nappies I thought I'd give them a go. Went straight back to Pampers because I've never had a problem with them leaking and I've used them on all 3 of my children! Definitely worth the extra money In my opinion.

  2. Completely agree, I tried also, lidl, asda, Morrison's and tescos own brand, nothing compared to pampers active fit. We have now been using them for a year, think we have probably had 2 leaks in that time, and that was from a very poorly tummy.
    Pampers all the way!

  3. Thanks Kate :) Before we had Squidge we'd always been told how good Aldi nappies were, so it's what we went for from day 1, but as time went on, we had more and more leaks of wee, so it became something that happened at least twice a day... so far, touch wood, we haven't had 1 leak with these :)


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