Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Health Visitor

Before I became a mummy, I'd heard a lot of bad press about health visitors, about how they're a nuisance and generally a bit interfering - so I went into parenthood dreading my health visitor appointments.

It's early days, we've only had 2 visits so far, so there's plenty of potential for my experience and views to change, but I'll say this - so far, so good.

The first visit was quite long, about an hour.  They weighed Squidge and checked him over, and were happy with him.  He'd gained on his birth weight so they were really happy, putting him into the 25th percentile.  They gave me quite a bit of paperwork, the best bit being a print-out of all the local mum & baby type groups locally, organised by days of the week.  I've already picked out one that I'm going to try, which is at my local Church centre on Thursdays -  I was going to go this past Thursday, but I was in hospital, so next week I'm going to go with the MIL and see what the group is like.

The second visit was fleeting - it was the day after I was discharged from hospital, and the community midwife turned up at the same time, so the health visitor didn't stay.  They weighed Squidge (now 7lbs 7oz) and were really happy with his growth, still in the 25th percentile and said they have no concerns with the baby (yay!), they just want to get me back to being 100%.

So far they've been great - I was dreading his weight loss being worse and hearing the dreaded words 'feeding plan' - but I think because he's being bottle fed (breast milk and formula) he's getting more food than if he was on the breast, so it's helping him gain weight quicker.  Don't get me wrong, I'd prefer for him to be breastfed, especially as it'd keep my milk supply for longer, but he really struggles to latch and only does with the help of a nipple shield as it's easier for him to grip.  We keep trying, and will keep trying, in the hope that it'll help boost my supply if he manages to start feeding, but we'll have to wait and see :)  I'm trying not to get too hung up on it, although, part of me does feel like I've failed...

What's your experience of health visitors been like?

Georgina <3
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